In 2013, Kristian Torgalsen, had a heavy accident snowboarding, and found himself with a seriously crushed and broken left hand. This was shortly after he had picked up his gitarplaying from his teenage years, eager to fullfill his ambitions to learn himself the skills of excellent guitar performing. Instead it created a frustrating but very creative period where Kristian discovered that he could actually write thoughtfull songs. Through connections and luck, producer/ performer/composer Martin Horntveth (Jaga Jazzist, Emmy award winning for his music to NRK series »Mammon») discovered Kristian’s music, and after a long, creative process over more than three years, the album was released in the fall 2017. The music critics has been overwhelming. The year ended with «Infinity On My Mind» being nominated among the 10 best albums and songs of the year published in 2017, even at the top on some of the rankings.

Kristian and his band members, who all are highly acclaimed musicians through a great number of different national and international acts, performed successfully at music branch venue Trondheim Calling which has led to a major live tour with full band in Norway this summer. January 13th this year, Kristian was guest and performed at Norways leading Saturday talk show at NRK, «LINDMO».

Internationally there is a growing interest for Kristian and his music. We have great support from the Norwegian music environment with Music Norway and TONO fullfilling our ambitions to reach an even broader audience.

A debut album reaching a level of sophistication rarely, if ever, heard in Norwegian music.
— Senior Music critic Tom Skjeklesaether in Popklikk.no, Nov. 2017



Bjørn Gundersen


Simen Idsøe Eidsvåg


Knut Sannes (Norway)

Jone Malmin (Europe)

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